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THE shoulder charge has been banned from all domestic rugby league competitions with immediate effect after the RFL took the controversial decision to outlaw the explosive style of tackle.

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There had been increasing concern that players attempting to execute the charge were not controlling the tackle and going on to make dangerous contact with opponents' heads.

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However, it is now banned in the international and domestic arenas including junior and amateur Fendi Anna Handbag

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In a statement, RFL Laws committee secretary Blake Solly said: "The RFL believes that player safety is of paramount importance and we are committed to ensuring that our players can compete in the safest possible environment.

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"It is right that the RLIF should have ultimate control over issues such as this, and we remain committed to standardising the Laws of the Game across all nations and competitions.

agreed with the RLIF the option to delay the implementation because we are in season, but the RFL Board has agreed that it is best to immediately implement the ban on the shoulder charge across all domestic competitions.

The game's governing body acted Fendi Handbag Designers

"We had Fendi Bag With Eyes

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"We understand that the shoulder charge is popular with many people in rugby league, but we also have a duty to manage the welfare and safety of players involved in the game at all levels.

´╗┐Is the RFL right to impose shoulder charge ban

The subject was the topic of considerable debate last year and when a ban was mooted Saints players Jon Wilkin, Mark Flanagan and Tony Puletua all stated publicly that the shoulder charge which produces Fendi Karlito Tote some of the most spectacular physical challenges in the game should remain in the sport.

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"We have contributed to the RLIF's discussions about the shoulder charge and whilst we believed the challenge should not be banned, we consider that the RLIF Board have followed the correct process and allowed each member nation to provide a view on the law change.

today following the Rugby League International Federation's decision this week to ban it from the International Laws of the Game.

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