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when the economics of wind power get blown right out of the water. 16 months later, Yukon Energy is planning to build a wind farm on Ferry Hill, near Stewart Crossing.

Yukon Energy power crisis.

are the kinds of numbers I don have yet, he said.

´╗┐is blowing in the wind

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Within five years, it will need to come up with roughly 200 more gigawatt hours of power. (Currently, the grid is only capable of supplying the territory with 375 gigawatt hours.)

The utility is fast running out of energy.

Morrison about face may have something to do with Fendi Handbags Vintage

This month, a taller monitor is being set up on Ferry Hill to really confirm the data. it jives with past numbers, Yukon Energy could be ordering wind turbines by the end of this year, said Morrison.

Wind farms are only feasible if there surplus hydro to toss around when the wind doesn blow, Morrison told the News in 2009.

up from 138,000 litres in Fendi Bag London 2009.

the kind of stuff we still looking at. to make it economically viable, it has to be cheaper than diesel.

like wind are looking better today, said Morrison, responding to his previous comments.

Today, surplus hydro is even scarcer than it was then, with the utility burning Fendi Clutch Bags

To pay for it, Yukon Energy might some contribution, he said.

hopes it can use Ferry Hill 20 megawatts to replace water flowing over the dams at Aishihik and Mayo.

But in a power crunch, wind seems like a strange choice.

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the wind is blowing and the turbines are being used to create energy, then we may not have to run all of the hydro as much as we would normally, therefore storing some water, said Morrison.

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how we fund what we do; we have to borrow the money, but over time ratepayers would pay for it. isn sure how much wind will cost, per kilowatt hour.

But with a projected 50 per cent spike in power demand, being able to shut off hydro when the wind is blowing may not be an option.

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it went on longer than we thought, he said.

if the data saying something negative, then it negative and if it saying something positive, then let look at it. wind studies should only have taken three years, said Morrison.

very efficient wind projects which the Yukon couldn have, but let say that it could the wind turbines would operate 30 per cent of the time, said Morrison in a past interview with the News.

it not personal biases that count, he added.

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no expert, but I guessing there will be about 15 windmills, maybe a few more, on Ferry Hill, he said.

When the wind is blowing, these turbines will supply 20 megawatts of power, or maybe a little bit less, said Morrison.

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The project will cost $70 to $80 million maybe a little bit more, he added.

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it should be economical. the wind is blowing, the utility Fendi Purse Eyes

if the economics are there, it will go into rates.

more than 600,000 litres of diesel on the Mayo/Dawson grid in 2010

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But Yukon Energy had trouble with the wind monitors.

do I do when the wind doesn blow? he said.

And using diesel to supplement wind something Morrison said would the economics of wind right out of the water back in 2009 may now be the only option.

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